RMRFuel 1.3

Monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles


  • Supports up to 10 vehicles
  • Multi-currency and multi-capacity measuring scale
  • Export facility


  • Interface is rather clumsy
  • No search or sort features

Not bad

With fuel costs rising all the time, perhaps it's time you started monitoring your vehicle's petrol or diesel consumption more closely.

RMRFuel is an application for Palm that lets you manage the fuel consumption of up to 10 different vehicles. The program is designed to record the amount you pay at the pump, cost per gallon/liter, distance covered, and fuel consumption to help you analyze exactly how much your spending out on your vehicle or vehicles.

It's pretty easy to set up RMRFuel. You start by entering the make and model of your car, along with licence plate details, and initial mileage. Once this information is all recorded you can start tracking your fuel consumption. An icon at the foot of the interface allows you to enter data about the cost of the fuel in your own currency and in liters or gallons.

The good thing about RMRFuel is that is supports up to 10 vehicles, so if you have a whole fleet you can use it to analyze and compare fuel consumption among all of them through the graphs and charts you can generate. The program boasts a few other neat features such as a reminder for when your oil needs changing, plus the ability to export your data for viewing elsewhere.

On the downside, the user interface isn't particularly well designed and feels too cluttered, especially if you have lots of vehicles in the database. It also lacks the searching and sorting capabilities that would have transformed RMRFuel from an average utility to a good one.

Nevertheless, if you have to manage a large group of vehicles and have a Palm it's worth downloading RMRFuel to help you monitor fuel consumption.



RMRFuel 1.3

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